Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY)

Suncare SG is proud to be a part of Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth’s (MCCY) Youth Mental Well-Being Network, advocating tirelessly for mental wellness and support. Through flagship initiatives like You Matter, we empower youths to not only identify but also address mental health challenges with empathy and understanding. Together with Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth’s (MCCY), we are committed to cultivating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

At the heart of our collective efforts lies the Well-Being Circles (WBC) initiative, a collaborative endeavor that brings together community volunteers and mental health organizations. Through comprehensive training, participants learn to nurture their own well-being and extend support to others. The SG Mental Well-being Network has successfully launched nine WBCs to date, including The Lighthouse @ Punggol West.

You Matter serves as a pivotal component in fostering a sense of community within the neighborhood. Through localised outreach efforts, our program engages youths aged 13 and above, equipping them with essential mental health literacy and peer support skills. By partnering with esteemed mental health organizations, You Matter ensures that student leaders from various secondary schools in Punggol receive thorough training.

With three successful runs to its credit, You Matter has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. Notably, 80% of participants reported an improvement in mental health literacy, while 85% expressed increased confidence in supporting distressed peers. Moreover, an impressive 90% acknowledged a deeper understanding of community mental health resources. Through our steadfast partnership with Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth’s (MCCY) and other stakeholders, Suncare SG remains steadfast in its commitment to championing mental well-being, one supportive step at a time.